About us

Southern Maryland-This is Living is published by TBB&M Publishing, solely owned by VKM Marketing Matters.   The quarterly full color, high-gloss magazine was started in 1998 by Vickie Kite Milburn and Barbara Dove Fink, as a lifestyle publication about the  extraordinary people, places and businesses of Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties. After working together for a wonderful 17 years and publishing 67 issues, Barbara left to take on exciting new adventures.  

 Vickie took over the publishing of the magazine with the Spring 2016 issue.  She manages the production of the magazine out of a private office in her home in Leonardtown with the help of a great team of talented people including an editor, graphic designer, advertising and sales assistant, circulation and distribution specialists, writers and photographers.   All stories are assigned and written by our freelance writers.  To maintain editorial integrity, content space can not be purchased.   Suggestions for articles are always welcome, and can be emailed to somdthisisliving@aol.com.

The magazine is published quarterly in late March, June, September and November.

The publication is distributed through paid subscriptions delivered to our readers’ mail boxes as well as through our advertisers which either provide them as a gift to their preferred customers or have available for purchase.  They are also available for purchase at local retailers. For a list of places to purchase, see the “where to buy” link.

 The current issue of the print publication is available for purchase and is not available digitally.  The previous issue is available digitally on our web site starting with the Spring 2016 issue.

 Mailing address: PO Box 2154, Leonardtown, MD 20650

Phone number 301-475-0044

Fax number 301-475-7856

Email address: somdthisisliving@aol.com